Central Heating Maintenance and Installation

We install and service all makes of central heating systems across Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Northants.

Heating system repair in Oxfordshire.

Repairs & Maintenance

We have full knowledge of all heating systems and if you have a problem with your heating system, we will explain the problem and provide you with the correct solution to improve your system. We are interested in the long term efficiency of your system, not just a quick repair.

Central heating servicing in Northanst ad Warks.

Radiators Moved and replaced

We can move or replace any existing radiators. It may be that you are not getting enough heat from your existing radiator, or it could be in the wrong place or you are looking to upgrade the existing radiators to a more designer type radiator to suit your current décor. We can assits, with the selection and install. It should be noted that in most cases your heating system will required draining down and we would always replace the inhibitor chemicals that is there to protect your boiler and ensure that your system is running efficiently.

Central heating installation in Banbury.

Power Flushing

In older systems or systems that have not been installed correctly, heating circuits can develop sludge build up called Ferrous Oxide, a black metallic sludge which if left untreated can leave cold spots at the bottom of your radiator, block radiators completely and destroy plumps, heat exchangers and control valves. In some instances it can even block pipework leading to the boiler overheat and lock outs. We carry all of our own modern equipment which includes a CF90 Flushing Machine and an accompanying magnet. All Power Flushing is carried out with either Sentinel or Addey chemicals during the flush and the correct inhibitor is added after the flushing is completed. Every Power Flush carried out to date has improved the efficiency of the system. we would also recommend that you install an in line filter which will help prevent any future build up of the destructive sludge.

Central heating repair in Oxfordshire.

Fault Finding

Being fully qualified as GAS and OFTEC engineers, we can locate problems with your heating system , whether the problem is inside or outside the boiler and offer the correct and most cost effective solution to the problem. Many faults arise from poor installation and maintenance.

Heating system engineer in Oxfordshire and Warks.


If you are adding rooms or simply wish to add radiators to your current system, we can advise the best solution.

Banbury based central heating engineer.

Pumps replaced

Pumps will wear out over time, especially if the system water is dirty. We can test your existing pump and let you know if it does need replacing or if it is something else causing the problem
It should be noted that as from the 1st January 2013, that all replacement pumps must be of the class A type and subsequently the pipework may require changing to suit. We will advise at the time the best solution.

Oxfordshire central heating plumber.

3 port/2 port valves repaired or replaced

Whether you have leaking valves or require to modernise your existing radiator valves to a more modern thermostatic valve we can advise the best solution.

Central heating repairs across Banbury, Oxon, Warks and Northants.

Hot Water cylinders replaced

In the unlikely event that your hot water cylinder develops a leak or you simply want to upgrade your old cylinder to a more modern insulated version, we can correctly size and install to comply with current building regs to give you ample hot water for you and your family.

Radiators installed across Warks, Northants and Oxon.

Radiator Valves replaced

Whether you have leaking valves or require to modernize your existing radiator valves to a more modern thermostatic valve we can advise the best solution.

Central heating faults rectified in Banbury.

Immersion elements replaced

All immersion heathers can in time fail. Before replacing the full element we will first test to determine the fault and then either replace the full element or just the thermostat part of the immersion. The hot water will be heated to ensure that there are no leaks from the immersion before we leave.

Radiator valves replaced across Oxfordshire, Banbury and  Warks.

Unvented cylinders installed and serviced

If you are looking to upgrade your hot water storage to an unvented mains pressure system, we carry the correct qualifications to install and service. We can assist with selection , design and install of your unvented system. All installations will also be supplied with a building control certificate to ensure that your investment has been installed correctly.

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