Gas and Oil Boiler Installation & Servicing

We are able to fit any gas or oil boiler required from Combination, Regular or System boiler.

All new boilers installed will be certified with Gas Safe or OFTEC so that you can be sure that your installation is up to date with current standards and regulations and covered by workmanship warranty.

One of the most common changes that customers are requesting is to remove an old gravity fed system and replace it with either a combination system or unvented cylinder linked to a gas boiler. The reasons for doing this are to create space in the loft and to increase water pressure to bathroom taps and showers.

If you are considering changing from a tank fed system to a combination system or and unvented system it is important to consider your incoming mains pressure and flow rate. We can measure the pressure and flow rates for you and advise on the best solution to meet your requirements.

We are Grant G One Accredited Boiler Installers. This means that you, as a customer, are entitled to an extended warranty of 5 years as opposed to the normal 2 years.  If you chose to purchase a new Blue Flame Boiler you will receive a 10 year warranty.

Boiler installations in Tenbury Wells.

Oil and Gas Boiler installation and replacements.

Combination system

Is a mains fed system that does not require a tank or a cylinder. However it does require adequate mains water pressure to function properly. A combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. In fact, combis now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year.

A combi boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property.

Further benefits of a combi boiler includes hot water being delivered through your taps or shower at mains pressure. So you can enjoy powerful showering without the need for a pump.

Another combi boiler benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs, since no tank in the roof space means less pipe work and a shorter installation time.

Oil boiler servicing across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire.

Tank Fed system

This is a gravity fed system that requires an elevated tank in the loft. The higher the tank is situated from the cylinder, the greater the pressure will be from your taps.

Gas boiler servicing by Tenbury Wells based plumbing company.

Unvented Cylinder system

These are suited to properties with good incoming mains pressure typically 1.5 bar minimum and 20 litres per minute flow rate and can be either installed in isolation or linked to either AGAs or oil boilers. Recommended makes include Megaflo, Gledhill and OSO.

Recommended Types of Boilers

Ideal Logic and Worcester Bosch boilers currently offer 7 year manufacturer warranties, we favour installing these boilers for this reason. For Oil Boilers we recommend Grant and Worcester Bosch.


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